President's Message

Randy Lee, 2016-17 LAA President
Randy Lee, President

2016-2017 Laurel Alumni Association

From the 2017 Laurel Alumni Association Newsletter


     I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Laurel Alumni Association for allowing me to serve as your president this past year.

    The Alumni Association is blessed to have many dedicated members who serve as officers in both the Scholarship and Association positions. There are also many talented members who help in maintaining the Laurel Alumni Association.

    The job of recruiting and maintaining members is very important to the success of the organization, and help is always appreciated.

    When you look at the makeup of the LAA, we have members who cover about every occupation and field of knowledge that you can imagine. We, as members, have been dedicated in encouraging graduates to further their education to become future leaders. If the students who receive scholarships have questions about life or work opportunities, or how to be successful in the future, I believe there is a member of the LAA that could give them advice.

    The suggestion of paying forward for members of your family, an idea from Past President Scott Phillips, is an outstanding way to help keep the membership numbers stable. The more members and the more donations we have, the easier to maintain our scholarship program. The scholarship program for the youth of today and the leaders of tomorrow is the basis for our organization.

    It does not matter what the school colors were when you graduated, once a Bulldog, always a Bulldog! Keep supporting the Laurel Alumni Association!

Randy Lee, 2016-17  President

Laurel Alumni Association